34 Pieces Of Super ’90s Jewelry

You totally owned so many of these. Because, aliens: yes.

1. Remember chokers? Remember peace signs? Remember how you wore them together?

ID: 1249360

2. OMG ying-yangs.

ID: 1249362

3. But ying-yang jewelry that came apart to share with your BFF? Even better.

ID: 1249395

4. Aliens! Ahhh these were so ugly.

ID: 1249392

5. Watch rings. Seriously, the dumbest jewelry idea ever.

ID: 1249414

6. Remember when holograms were the shit? They were, like, the future. And magic. And you could wear them.

ID: 1249405

7. The time Sarah P. went to Florida and brought back these bracelets for you and your besties.

ID: 1249845

8. There was so much hemp going on.

ID: 1249457

9. Attn: Hot Topic junkies.

ID: 1249460

10. Cc: Raver kids.

ID: 1249509

11. These happened in the late ’90s and sometimes offered magical healing properties. They totally worked.

ID: 1249495

12. Here’s the daisy chain bead bracelet you told everyone you made at camp. (You bought it at Claire’s.)

ID: 1249516

13. Oh God. Attack of the puka shell necklaces.

ID: 1249522

14. There was also that smiley face period when we were all vaguely obsessed with hippies.

ID: 1249596

15. And we were convinced that the ’70s looked like this.

ID: 1249642

17. Seriously, what was our deal with ’70s fads. Generation Y should at least be credited with keeping the mood ring industry alive.

ID: 1249897

18. I had these gummy bear earrings in orange. In third grade, this kid Jason Coocher tried to eat them.

ID: 1249632

19. Obviously.

ID: 1249398

20. There was a period when everyone was really into dolphins. Blame Lisa Frank.

ID: 1249645

21. If you wore this, you probably also had a lava lamp.

ID: 1249734

22. Anklets: The most irritating form of jewelry. Making you constantly feel as though you were being tickled or pestered by a fly.

ID: 1249765

23. I had almost this exact same one. I’m now thinking it’s kind of cool that I did.

ID: 1249872

24. Here is your “fancy” jewelry.

ID: 1249799

25. And your dragonfly necklace, which held your secrets and dreams.

ID: 1249434

26. Earrings that looked like actual objects — forks, drinks, flowers, food — always a crowd-pleaser.

ID: 1249833

27. OK. Toe rings. Jewelry should not go on your feet. It is just wrong, people.

ID: 1249626

28. A beaded ring with a fimo center. I bet that looked great with your A&E peasant top.

ID: 1249839

29. This leather floral choker is actually still cute. No doubt Urban Outfitters is all over this.

ID: 1249856

30. Nice sunflower/cord choker. Do you have the matching hair clips, too?

ID: 1249859

31. Tiny words on rice never ceases to amaze.

ID: 1249944

32. For goth and/or gamer girls.

ID: 1249954

33. The source of all your mother’s anxiety.

ID: 1249993

34. And finally, the crystal pendants. For when you went through your Wicca phase. Pure magic.

ID: 1250019

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