Pepsi Made Decidedly Un-Tasty Aerosol Space Sodas

In the ’80s, Pepsi offered NASA astronauts a spray-soda. #fail

1. In 1985, Pepsi created an aerosol soda beverage for astronauts to enjoy aboard the Challenger.

2. The attempt, however, was a flop.

In 1985, Mission Commander Gordon Fullerton told the L.A. Times that the experience of drinking spray Pepsi was just yuck:

The drinks, flown as an engineering evaluation of two designs of space beverage cans, were warm because there is no refrigeration on the shuttle. He said the drinks were full of fizz and froth.

“It’s hard to say if they would be enjoyable (if they were cold),” Fullerton said. “They weren’t at that temperature. We had no desire to drain the cans.”

He said there were no ill effects from drinking carbonated beverages in weightlessness, “but I can’t extrapolate to any great desire to have them.”

3. One of these cans was up for auction…and sold for $20.

5. Artwork by Precision Global, the company who helped work on the valve design.

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