The 22 Most Embarrassing Pages Of The 1990 J.C. Penney Christmas Catalog

Turtlenecks and Tiny Toons pajamas for all!

The year was 1990. It would be an epic time for the children and husbands whose mothers shopped at J.C. Penney. For within these pages, the makings of future embarrassing photos could be found.

ID: 2166215

1. Acid-wash overalls. I can’t even.

ID: 2166244

2. Remember when you and your doll had sleeves the size of giant muscles?

ID: 2166226

3. Jammin’ to that Walkman.

ID: 2166267

4. Are we sure the boy in the blazer isn’t actually 35?

ID: 2166231

5. Here’s your requisite “handsome male in mom jeans with a puppy” shot.

ID: 2166255

6. She sips cocoa, stands awkwardly, and does it all in pastels.

ID: 2166263

7. Oh gosh, remember Tiny Toons?

ID: 2166271

8. In the early ’90s, teenage boys were really into emulating office watercooler chat.

ID: 2166289

9. Cool fanny pack, bro.

ID: 2166557

10. OK, those Beetlejuice pajamas are in fact AWESOME.

ID: 2167394

11. Hulk Hogan sleepwear ranks fairly high on the embarrassment scale. But Tiny Toons onesies score even higher.

ID: 2167405

12. Soooo shiny! Bet you can buy these metallic dresses at American Apparel.

ID: 2167416

13. This lady is wearing a unitard with stirrups and a turtleneck. No further comment.

ID: 2167422

14. Ahh, the beauty of incredibly large leather jackets.

ID: 2167424

15. Oh my god why.

ID: 2167427

16. One of these things is not wearing acid wash and is probably grateful for it.

ID: 2167432

17. Your dream bedroom once looked like this.

ID: 2167435

18. Santa suits are indeed timeless.

ID: 2167454

19. The baby that cries, talks, and writes will probably become a genius. A creepy genius.

ID: 2167459

20. I mean. I want to be friends with this Dick Tracy fan who takes himself way too seriously.

ID: 2167478

21. The perfect pairing: bean bags and turtlenecks. Always turtlenecks.

ID: 2167505

22. The days of decked-out bandanas and puffy-painted sweatshirts may be long gone, but I bet that H-O-T denim vest is worth a pretty penny.

Or Penney. Get it?

ID: 2167532

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