"Medieval Air" Is The Cutest 1998 Class Project

Next stop, 1398! These kids went above and beyond with this video assignment for their history class.

1. Once upon a time, in 1998, a group of 7th graders set out to make a class project. The result is this video and the birth of “Medieval Air,” a time travel airline…

ID: 1114680

2. And so the story begins. The happy couple arrives at the travel agency to book their trip.

ID: 1114674

3. They arrive at the airport where a crowd of extras magically glides across the screen.

Cool special effects, guys!

ID: 1114697

4. Oh, no! They almost miss their flight!

ID: 1114700

5. They board just in time.

ID: 1114716

6. And now for a series of random gasps.

ID: 1114721

7. Your captain.

ID: 1114724

8. They arrive in the past! At a castle!

ID: 1114733

9. And this noble man attempts to greet the young lady like this. Her boyfriend will have none of that.

ID: 1114740

10. And finally, something to actually fulfill the assignment in the vaguest way possible…”Pictures from the other days.”

ID: 1114742

11. The full “Medieval Air” video:

ID: 1114659

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