15 Jim Carrey Jokes Every Adolescent Boy Loved

You heard every one of these 3098430984 times.

1. Usually said when called up to the board to do the math problem he definitely knows the answer to.

ID: 1299282

2. Performed whenever something good happened. Like pizza day in the cafeteria.

ID: 1299275

3. Said while gelling one’s hair and looking in the mirror.

ID: 1299368

4. Every day at lunch.

ID: 1299287

5. Every day at lunch.

ID: 1299732

6. Said in reference to anything he liked a lot. Or just a little.

ID: 1299507

7. Hopefully never done in public.

ID: 1299351

8. Whenever a girl made fun of him or his mom told him to clean up his room.

ID: 1299504

9. A witty rebuttal.

ID: 1299327

10. Said two seconds before recess.

ID: 1299494

11. The face of boredom.

ID: 1299532

12. The face of annoyance.

ID: 1299736

13. The face of flirting.

ID: 1299361

14. Said apropos of nothing.

ID: 1299376

15. When asked to stop making Jim Carrey jokes.

ID: 1299492

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