If You Don’t Get This Chloë Sevigny/X-Girl Video, You’re Not Cool

This previously unseen video for Kim Gordon’s ’90s clothing project, X-Girl, is very, very arsty.

1. For those who have not passed Awesome Things Of The Nineties 101, X-Girl was a clothing line created by Sonic Youth member Kim Gordon and stylist Daisy von Furth.

It’s become something of a cult memory for cool, downtown types and fashion followers.

2. Nowness has posted a previously unseen short film, a 1995 video campaign for X-Girl by Phil Morrison. It is…weird.

3. Chloë Sevigny was the main star (she was basically the face of X-Girl) and the film attempted to do a sort of artsy French New Wave thing.

4. Which involved Chloë making farting noises with her mouth. (A lot of them.)

5. And asking this French man a series of questions about beer, breasts, diplomacy, and morning-after pills.

6. And sneaking into a Marc Jacobs fashion show where we run into Naomi Campbell and Ethan Hawke.

7. What does it all mean?! Maybe if you watch the entire video, you can figure it out. And tell us.

View this embed ›

Because clearly we’re not cool enough to get it.

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