If You Don’t Get This Chloë Sevigny/X-Girl Video, You’re Not Cool

This previously unseen video for Kim Gordon’s ’90s clothing project, X-Girl, is very, very arsty.

1. For those who have not passed Awesome Things Of The Nineties 101, X-Girl was a clothing line created by Sonic Youth member Kim Gordon and stylist Daisy von Furth.

It’s become something of a cult memory for cool, downtown types and fashion followers.

ID: 1058036

2. Nowness has posted a previously unseen short film, a 1995 video campaign for X-Girl by Phil Morrison. It is…weird.

ID: 1058046

3. Chloë Sevigny was the main star (she was basically the face of X-Girl) and the film attempted to do a sort of artsy French New Wave thing.

ID: 1058058

4. Which involved Chloë making farting noises with her mouth. (A lot of them.)

ID: 1058059

5. And asking this French man a series of questions about beer, breasts, diplomacy, and morning-after pills.

ID: 1058072

6. And sneaking into a Marc Jacobs fashion show where we run into Naomi Campbell and Ethan Hawke.

ID: 1058080

7. What does it all mean?! Maybe if you watch the entire video, you can figure it out. And tell us.

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Because clearly we’re not cool enough to get it.

ID: 1057872

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