Holy Mother What Are These Colin Firth Photos

Here is a photoshoot featuring a young Colin Firth in what appears to be an Ann Taylor suit. I love you so much more than I ever have.

1. When are these photos from? Dunno! Don’t care! But OK, they look possibly to be near Colin Firth’s Bridget Jones era.

ID: 1242039

2. Hellooooo Mr. Darcy.

ID: 1242050

3. This suit is amazing. Those are your colors.

ID: 1242070

4. You are definitely ready for a night at the Roxbury.

ID: 1242075

5. OMG, Colin. Staahhhp. Just stop. I am literally dying from the fondness bursting from my heart.

ID: 1242079

6. And now, in a photoshoot from what appears to be the same year, Colin has changed costumes.

ID: 1242028

7. He has gone from flashy Mr. Hollywood to Hollywood mobster.

ID: 1242032

8. That jewelry is beautiful. You could have been a hand model if things didn’t work out.

ID: 1242035

9. Smoldering. I have been smoldered.

ID: 1242059

10. Oh you, man of shiny clothing and chunky jewelry. You are a treasure.

ID: 1242064

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