Here’s A Groovy Look Inside London’s Playboy Club In The ’60s

Where Austin Powers and Don Draper collide.

1. Here’s the entrance to the Playmate Bar in the London Playboy Club.

ID: 1424419

2. So far, this looks exactly like an episode of Mad Men.

ID: 1424416

3. Except for the wives that came along for some Playboy fun as well.

ID: 1424531

4. Carrots and radishes? Is that supposed to be “bunny” food?

ID: 1424421

5. A behind-the-scenes look at the wardrobe department and a Bunny getting a custom fitting.

ID: 1424418

6. At the Playboy Club, there’s a groovy, live band whose members wear really cool pants.

ID: 1424468

7. One band member, however, appears to be a creeper.

ID: 1424426

8. But it doesn’t matter because everyone’s having fun and dancing!

ID: 1424427

9. Check out this newsreel from the ’60s…footage of the club itself begins at 1:15.

ID: 1424354

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