15 Halloween Costumes Inspired By The 1950s

The decade that brought us Marilyn, Lucy, and so many other lovely ladies.

1. Marilyn Monroe

A classic.

ID: 1817476

2. Lucy and Ethel in the chocolate factory episode

ID: 1817488

3. Or…Lucy in the Vitameatavegamin episode

ID: 1817504

4. Zombie Norma Desmond from Sunset Boulevard

Just fashion a turban, put on some large sunglasses, and act really important.

ID: 1817568

5. Sock hop girl

ID: 1817574

6. Fern from Charlotte’s Web

ID: 1818232

7. Or Wilbur and Charlotte.

ID: 1817754

8. Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday

ID: 1817637

9. Singin’ in the Rain

Here’s an easy one — grab two other friends and a few raincoats.

ID: 1818371

10. Dolores from Lolita

ID: 1817960

11. Eloise

You do know Eloise, right? From the Eloise books? She was a troublemaker who lived in the Plaza Hotel.

ID: 1817980

12. Car hop

Bonus points if you rollerskate the entire evening.

ID: 1818400

13. Miss Clavel and Madeline

ID: 1817994

14. Dorothy Dandridge in Carmen Jones

ID: 1818429

15. The Cat in the Hat


ID: 1818014

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