27 Forgotten Early 2000s Fashion Trends

For the love of god, please stop using your dad’s necktie as a belt.

1. Peasant tops. For further information, see: The O.C.

ID: 1912991

2. Shiny pants. Or worse, shiny cargo pants.

Mark Seliger / Via vanityfair.com
ID: 1912888

3. Neckties as belts. Noooooo!

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images
ID: 1914233

4. J. Lo’s Manolo Timberland-esque boots.

ID: 1913055

5. Avril Lavigne everything.

ID: 1913821

7. Beaded wire chokers, headbands, and bracelets.

ID: 1913187

8. Cut up “biker” girl tops.

ID: 1913257

9. Cowgirl shirts.

ID: 1913875

10. Fishnets. Which were a bit too sexy for your mom’s taste.

ID: 1913009

11. “Free” whomever tees.

ID: 1913419

12. Vertical-stripe flare pants. There was a corduroy version that was pretty popular.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images


ID: 1914232

13. Layering your tank tops.

Scott Gries / Getty Images
ID: 1913956

14. Cuffed-up jeans with heels. Are those Juicy jeans? Sweet.

ID: 1913903

15. Chunky highlights aka zebra head.

Mark Mainz / Getty Images
ID: 1914231

16. Revival disco halter tops. (Remember that surge of gold chainmail mesh jewelry and clothing?)

Frank Micelotta / Getty Images
ID: 1914234

17. These sweaters….stripey, ribbed turtlenecky things.

ID: 1913397

18. Folded off-the-shoulder tops. Usually striped. Usually a bit too long in the arms.

Jessica Silverstein / Getty Images
ID: 1914235

19. Corset tops. Owww.

Kevin Winter/ImageDirect/Fox
ID: 1914236

20. Halter tops with either skinny satin cord ties or metal rings around the neck.

Kevin Winter/Hulton Archive / Getty
ID: 1914237

21. Borderline slutty bohemian.

Frank Micelotta / Getty Images Entertainment
ID: 1914238

22. Asymmetrical jersey skirts. Styles pretty much exactly like this were everywhere in 2003.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images Entertainment
ID: 1914243

23. CoooOOOoooOOoowl-neck tops.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images Entertainment
ID: 1914244

24. “Rehabbed” sport shirts (jersey/number tops plagued with rhinestones, eyelet holes, and cuts).

ID: 1913178

25. Flowy, hippie-inspired dresses over jeans. Bonus points for flare jeans.

Vince Bucci / Getty Images Entertainment
ID: 1914245

26. Bohemian maxi skirts. What was with all the embroidery and drawstrings?

Phil McCarten / Getty Images Entertainment
ID: 1914247

27. Shrugs. Oh my god. I don’t think I’ve used the word “shrug” to describe a sweater since 2005.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images Entertainment
ID: 1914246

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