Chandler Bing’s 19 Most Heinous Outfits

Could these clothes BE any worse?

1. The one with the high-necked red vest.

ID: 977120

2. The one with the baseball cap and the bowling shirt.

Via http://screencap
ID: 824451

3. The one with the pretty floral tie.

ID: 976809

4. The one with the Flock of Seagulls hairdo.

ID: 976863

5. The one with the suede vest.

ID: 977050

6. The one with the gold bling.

ID: 977025

7. The one with the trendy peach dress shirt.

ID: 976914

8. The one with the sad facial hair.

ID: 977103

9. The one with this bad tie.

ID: 976980

10. And this bad tie.

ID: 976986

11. The one with the denim mandarin-neck shirt and checked vest.

ID: 977145

12. The one with sad facial hair, part II.

ID: 977037

13. The one with the Miami Vice suit.

ID: 976891

14. The one with this cool sweater.

ID: 977040

15. The one with this ill-fitting suit and gift shop tie.

ID: 977143

16. The one with this jazzy shirt.

ID: 977147

17. And this equally jazzy shirt.

ID: 977162

18. The one with this sweatshirt jacket with flannel sleeves.

ID: 977150

19. And the one with the beautiful blue lips.

ID: 977174

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