Chandler Bing’s 19 Most Heinous Outfits

Could these clothes BE any worse?

1. The one with the high-necked red vest.

2. The one with the baseball cap and the bowling shirt.

Via http://screencap

3. The one with the pretty floral tie.

4. The one with the Flock of Seagulls hairdo.

5. The one with the suede vest.

6. The one with the gold bling.

7. The one with the trendy peach dress shirt.

8. The one with the sad facial hair.

9. The one with this bad tie.

10. And this bad tie.

11. The one with the denim mandarin-neck shirt and checked vest.

12. The one with sad facial hair, part II.

13. The one with the Miami Vice suit.

14. The one with this cool sweater.

15. The one with this ill-fitting suit and gift shop tie.

16. The one with this jazzy shirt.

17. And this equally jazzy shirt.

18. The one with this sweatshirt jacket with flannel sleeves.

19. And the one with the beautiful blue lips.

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