Can You Prove You’re A ’90s Girl?

Your true test of Girl Power.

  1. 1. This is a screengrab of which Spice Girls video?
    1. Wannabe
    2. Stop
    3. When 2 Become 1
    4. Say You’ll Be There
  2. 2. Which of the following is not a '90s movie?
    1. Mean Girls
    2. Clueless
    3. Never Been Kissed
    4. She’s All That
  3. 3. Which of the following was not a popular beauty brand in the '90s?
    1. j.a.n.e.
    2. Fetish
    3. SweetLicks
    4. Hard Candy
  4. 4. Where did "Sister, Sister" take place?
    1. Chicago
    2. St. Louis
    3. Albany
    4. Detroit
  5. 5. The American Girl doll, Felicity — what was her last name?
    1. She did not have one
    2. Merriman
    3. Smith
    4. Walker
  6. 6. Who didn't Matt Damon date in the '90s?
    Brenda Chase / Getty
    1. Claire Danes
    2. Winona Ryder
    3. Gwyneth Paltrow
    4. Minnie Driver
  7. 7. Who did Joey Potter of "Dawson's Creek" end up with?
    1. Dawson
    2. Pacey
    3. She was single at the end of the series
    4. Christopher, an author she met in NYC
  8. 8. What was the goal of the game Dream Phone?
    1. To talk to as many boys as possible in the time allotted.
    2. To get a boy to like you by talking to him on the phone.
    3. To figure out the correct arrangement of digits to reveal your crush’s phone number.
    4. By process of elimination, figure out which guy has a crush on you.
  9. 9. What movie did Leonardo DiCaprio do right after "Titanic"?
    1. The Man in the Iron Mask
    2. Romeo + Juliet
    3. Catch Me If You Can
    4. The Beach
  10. 10. What happened to the mom on "Full House"
    1. She died of cancer
    2. She was hit by a drunk driver
    3. She died during childbirth with Michelle
    4. She drowned
  11. 11. Which of the following is not a Gap Body perfume scent?
    1. Heaven
    2. Grass
    3. Dream
    4. Ocean
  12. 12. Which of the following was not an electronic girls' product of the '90s?
    1. My Magic Diary
    2. The “Clueless” Hands-Free phone
    3. The Pretty Pocket Talker
    4. Dear Diary
  13. 13. What was the name of Clarissa's dreamy best friend?
    1. Trevor
    2. Sam
    3. Shawn
    4. Nick
  14. 14. According to Cher, her life is like what type of commercial? And if you do not know this then YOU ARE CLUELESS.
    1. Calgon
    2. Pantene
    3. Neutrogena
    4. Noxzema

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