9 Magical Photos Of Nicole Kidman And Her Hair In The ’80s

Her star quality was as big as her hair.

1. Is that you, Nicole?

Patrick Riviere / Getty Images
ID: 1381257

2. Omigosh it is! Your hair is truly spectacular.

Patrick Riviere / Getty Images
ID: 1381312

3. It can hardly be contained by that newsboy cap.

ID: 1381262

4. And even ribbons lose their way in it.

ID: 1381263

5. It can create optical illusions, too. From this angle, it appears much smaller.

ID: 1381268

6. But it’s actually still quite huge.

ID: 1381361

7. Not many people can pull off the artistic-farmer ‘do.

ID: 1381305

8. When in doubt, match your eyeshadow to your hair.

ID: 1381345

9. Or pile it on top of your head, making it as high as possible. The sky’s the limit!

ID: 1381350

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