27 Beauty Products Of The ’90s You’ll Never Use Again

Here’s a shimmery, watermelon-scented reminder of products you’ve long forgotten.

1. Bottled Emotion perfumes

These made great Christmas presents, especially for girls you didn’t really like. Those girls got the Crazy scent.

ID: 1643298

2. j.a.n.e. cosmetics

This was a brand targeted at the LipSmacker crowd that made them feel grown-up.

ID: 1643335

3. Lip Lix

Bonne Bell’s older sister LipSmacker usually smelled of some mocha-cinnamon combo.

ID: 1643437

4. Bath & Body Works shower gels and lotions

The Bath & Body Works products of your youth probably looked like this.

ID: 1643349

5. Hard Candy

The original packaging was just so good.

ID: 1643570

6. Loréal Rouge Pulp

I can still taste the thick, tacky paste that came in these tubes.

ID: 1643486

7. Bath & Body Works Art Stuff foam

For a time, Bath & Body Works turned products into art activities.

ID: 1643343

8. Bath & Body Works Art Stuff glitter lotion

And everything had glitter in this collection.

ID: 1643390

9. Revlon Street Wear lipstick

These were slightly metallic.

ID: 1643507

10. Revlon Street Wear nail polish

Remember this? Like confetti in a bottle!

ID: 1643511

11. Glamour Puss eyeshadow

How could you forget this face?

ID: 1643544

12. Urban Decay eyeshadow

Urban Decay’s packaging has evolved over the years but still has that urban, city-street vibe.

ID: 1643549

13. Urban Decay nail polish

There was something vaguely sinister about nail polish being in what looked like a vial.

ID: 1643575

14. Wet ‘n’ Wild nail polish

When they made midnight blue, people went crazy!

ID: 1643557

15. L’Oréal Kids shampoo

This product claimed to be tear-proof, but it still stung your eyes.

ID: 1643813

16. Bath & Body Works Color Drops nail polish

Oooh metallics were such a new thing back then.

ID: 1643594

17. Fetish lip gloss

Endorsed by Christina Aguilera, so it had to be good.

ID: 1643644

18. Tropical LipSmackers

Or the shimmery holiday collection.

ID: 1643692

19. Nail Fetish polish

You got suckered by that cool font.

ID: 1643596

20. Naturistics Sweet Lips

I could have eaten a whole tube of this.

ID: 1643718

21. The Body Shop perfume oil

Were you a Fuzzy Peach or Dewberry kind of girl?

ID: 1643847

22. Candy Kisses lip balm


ID: 1643739

23. Fetish cologne spray

The bottle was a collectible for you.

ID: 1643761

24. Teen Spirit deodorant

It does indeed smell like Teen Spirit.

ID: 1643774

25. Lip Smackers Cosmic Nails

I think these were scented.

ID: 1643610

26. Tinkerbell cosmetics

The satisfaction that peel-off nail polish gave was priceless.

ID: 1643832

27. Gap eau de toilette

Most people were obsessed with Heaven or Dream, but thumbs up to you if you were a Grass girl.

ID: 1643869

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