23 Antique Dolls That Will Probably Kill You In Your Sleep


1. This creepy doll, which looks like it could be a 41-year-old man, also has the strength of a 41-year-old man. THIS DOLL WILL KILL YOU.

ID: 1081558

2. This doll will complain until you die.

ID: 1081560

3. This stuffed…thing. Will rip apart your flesh in your sleep.

ID: 1081565

4. This doll will silently judge you until your self-esteem is so low, you’ll just drop dead.

ID: 1081562

5. This doll will stand over you and do unimaginable things to you in your sleep.

ID: 1081634

6. This scary bear will kill you with his laser eyes.

ID: 1081679

7. This one is also fixin’ to kill ya.

ID: 1081563

8. Hand-to-hand combat.

ID: 1081570

9. Laser Eyes, jr.

ID: 1081576

10. This is the face this doll makes right after he says ok, fine, he won’t kill you. And then he KILLS YOU.

ID: 1081573

11. These teddy bears will kill you with their 60-year-old stench.

ID: 1081646

12. This doll will sing until you just. Can’t. Take. It. Any. Longer.

ID: 1081601

13. You don’t even want to know.

ID: 1081655

14. Obviously. Stay away from this one.

ID: 1081635

15. This clown thing will show up at your birthday party and will do something worse than kill you — traumatize you for life.

ID: 1081648

16. OMG this is the last face you will ever see. That alone…

ID: 1081652

17. This stuffed dog will entice you to pet it with its lifelike mystique. And then it will bite off your head.

ID: 1081657

18. Hehehehehe.

ID: 1081660

19. Mwahahahah.

ID: 1081666

20. This pair will kill you with kindness. Ew.

ID: 1081669

21. This doll will strangle you to death.

ID: 1081672

22. Don’t ask. This motherfucker is sick.

ID: 1081681

23. This doll killed Chuckie. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

ID: 1081676

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