18 Reasons Why Your Parents Hated When You Watched "Ren & Stimpy"

You eeeeediot.

1. It made a mockery of highbrow culture.

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2. It featured a character who had rage issues worse than all Jerry Springer episodes combined.

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3. Seriously, Ren was constantly tripping.

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4. He pretty much made Stimpy his bitch.

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5. Meanwhile, Stimpy was dumb as fuck.

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6. But his issues were disturbingly of the adult human variety.

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7. When you think about it, Stimpy was downright tragic.

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8. Then there was this character — George Liquor — who also turned out to be completely abusive. (Go figure.)

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9. Once you learned this song, your parents didn’t hear the end of it until you graduated elementary school. Or middle school. Or high school. Or college. Whatever.

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10. Butts and the bodily functions of them were turned into humor so rank, you could almost smell it.

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11. So many butts.

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12. I mean. Also Powdered Toast Man was definitely not gay.

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13. Ren & Stimpy also managed to do this thing where you’d have completely visceral reactions to things like this. Watching this as a grown-up (or whatever), I literally feel dirty.

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14. Even the clean bits were disturbing. There’s something so deeply wrong about Ren’s flesh.

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15. And nudity was a given. The last thing I ever want to think about is an old man’s naked body. WHY WAS THIS FUNNY?

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16. Ren & Stimpy’s relationship was clearly homosexual at times. And ain’t nothing wrong with that. But it could go to a very weird place. Imagine your mom walking in to see this image on the TV.

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17. The fuck?

ID: 1208005

18. And finally…this pretty much says it all.

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