17 Signs That You Are Wednesday Addams

Be prepared to have an epiphany.

1. You have no shame in having a little drinkity-drink.

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2. You’ve got no time for losers.

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3. What you say when your boss tells you that you really need to be more motivated.

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4. And so you try your best. You’re really trying.

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5. This is your best.

ID: 1314966

6. You won’t be pressured into wearing skimpy swimwear.

ID: 1314967

7. You hate everything.

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8. As a kid, you were extremely mature for your age.

ID: 1315109

9. You’ve lost your faith in humanity.

ID: 1314974

10. You know when to shut it down.

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11. A perfectionist, you will always take on a challenge.

ID: 1315001

12. This is your bitchy resting face.

ID: 1315003

13. This is your angry face which is completely different from your bitchy resting face.

Seriously, some people are just looking to start shit.

ID: 1314998

14. This is what happens every time someone from Greenpeace approaches you outside Trader Joe’s.

ID: 1315088

15. Group activities aren’t really your thing.

ID: 1315091

16. These were the final words said to the last asshole you dated.

ID: 1315102

17. But despite being something of a pessimist, you can always find time to dance.

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