17 Signs That You Are Wednesday Addams

Be prepared to have an epiphany.

1. You have no shame in having a little drinkity-drink.

2. You’ve got no time for losers.

3. What you say when your boss tells you that you really need to be more motivated.

4. And so you try your best. You’re really trying.

6. You won’t be pressured into wearing skimpy swimwear.

8. As a kid, you were extremely mature for your age.

9. You’ve lost your faith in humanity.

10. You know when to shut it down.

11. A perfectionist, you will always take on a challenge.

12. This is your bitchy resting face.

13. This is your angry face which is completely different from your bitchy resting face.

Seriously, some people are just looking to start shit.

14. This is what happens every time someone from Greenpeace approaches you outside Trader Joe’s.

15. Group activities aren’t really your thing.

16. These were the final words said to the last asshole you dated.

17. But despite being something of a pessimist, you can always find time to dance.

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