16 Things Only Valley Girls Would Understand

Like, these things are bitchen.

1. Sherman Oaks Galleria. Like, this is your spot.

ID: 1115234

2. Sun-In isn’t an option. It’s, like, a requirement?

ID: 1115090

3. Oh em gee you like wrote this book.

ID: 1115213

4. These are bitchen.

ID: 1115122

5. These are also bitchen.

ID: 1115301

6. Never leave home without it.

ID: 1115245

7. Pepsi Free is totally your daytime beverage.

ID: 1115247

8. Bartles & Jaymes is totally your P.M. beverage.

ID: 1115294

9. Like, fer sure. Come sleep over tonight and we’ll do this.

ID: 1115303

10. Duran Duran is so totally awesome. Your last name will be Le Bon by 1990, you’re sure.

ID: 1115319

11. Boredom: the worst thing that could ever happen to you.

ID: 1115448

12. Hairy legs? No way. Grody.

ID: 1115308

13. This is soooo awesome.

ID: 1115309

14. Like make sure your Val dude boyfriend isn’t like totally a nerd.

ID: 1115097

15. Izods make guys look way hot.

ID: 1115315

16. Like is this not the most bitchen ride? Your boyfriend drives one. Which makes you the most awesome Val girl.

ID: 1115329

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