15 Vintage Joshua Jackson Moments That’ll Make You Squee

It’s worth it just to see JJ in a pink turtleneck and pink shiny pants. OMFG would be an understatement.

1. “Right back atcha, beautiful.”

From Bop magazine, date unknown, but we’re guessing 1994 or so.

ID: 828182

2. Sporting classic ’90s style: size XXL, mixed plaids, and man jewelry.

ID: 828184

3. Shiny. Pink. Pants.

Detour magazine, 1998.

ID: 828221

4. Sorry, can we please re-visit this again?

Detour magazine, 1998.

ID: 828205

5. This would be the coolest school photo ever.

ID: 828185

6. Anyone else have this same pic pinned on their wall? Smokin’.

Cleo magazine, 2000.

ID: 828227

7. “Hey! Bada-bing, bada-boom!”

TV Guide, 1997.

ID: 828198

8. “Nothing beats hanging with his pals at the local pizzeria.”

Teen People, 1998.

ID: 828181

9. Boy next door crush.

ID: 828203

10. Woman’s best friend with man’s best friend har har har.

US Weekly, 1998.

ID: 828210

11. Inventing sexy. Even as a youngster. Is that creepy?

ID: 828196

12. Ahh, the classic sitting-backwards-on-a-chair pose. International language for “cool.”

Seventeen magazine, 2000.

ID: 828214

13. That time he touched his moobs.

Teen Movieline, 2000.

ID: 828234

14. Not afraid to ruin a suit in the ocean.

Ultimate TV Guide, 2000.

ID: 828230

15. His innocent side. One of his best sides. OK, fine, we’ll take all the sides.

Teen Movieline, 2000.

ID: 828232

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