13 Reasons Why Pacey Was So Much Better Than Dawson

Who seriously had a crush on Dawson? No one. Sorry, Dawson.

1. This is how Pacey parties: like a boss.

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This is how Dawson parties: He goes to a jazz bar, gets drunk with Andie McPhee, and passive-aggressively sings “the blues” with these highly inventive lyrics…

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2. Pacey: Master of the Forehead Kiss, Ruler of Foreheads.

ID: 1133584

Dawson: Man With Extremely Large Forehead.

ID: 1136180

3. Pacey: An esteemed artist of the mid-sentence kiss.

ID: 1133719

Dawson: The boy who can’t kiss someone without having it be ridiculously orchestrated. UGH.

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4. When it comes to giving you a gift, Pacey will spend his hard-earned money on something much more meaningful and inventive. He’ll buy you a wall so that you can explore your inner budding artist.

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Here’s Dawson’s idea of giving a gift — he just gives you his man jewelry. Doesn’t even spend any money.

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5. When you need to talk things out, Pacey will eloquently remind you that you are a beautiful, gentle flower, deserving of all the love in the world.

ID: 1133591

Dawson can’t even deal.

You did NOT just say that, Dawson. Ew.

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6. While Pacey generally spends his time winning at life…

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Dawson spends his time brooding, paralyzed by a fear of never achieving Spielberg greatness.

Get a new dream, dude!

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7. When it comes to being handy, Pacey can restore and fix a whole boat.

ID: 1135920

Dawson. Seriously.

ID: 1135875

8. Pacey needs little to be fulfilled…

ID: 1136031

…meanwhile Dawson is on his period pretty much every day.

OMG, the world is not ending, OK?

ID: 1133621

9. In the beauty pageant episode, we witnessed Pacey’s unexpected talent for acting dramatic monologues in Scottish accents.

ID: 1135966

Dawson’s hidden talent?

ID: 1136102

10. This hair. (Hot.) Versus…

ID: 1133599

This hair.

We also reject your hairstyle.

ID: 1135975

11. When it comes to losing one’s virginity, Pacey goes straight for his hot teacher.

Yes. With. His. Teacher.

ID: 1135996

Dawson pretty much begs for it.


ID: 1135796

12. Fact: Pacey is better at sex.

ID: 1133637

And this pretty much proves it.

ID: 1135970

13. This is what Pacey looks like when he cries.

ID: 1136001

And this is what Dawson looks like when he cries.

No further comments. I rest my case.

ID: 1133628

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