The Ultimate Guide To Gift Wrapping Everything

Like it or not, the holidays are here. Impress everyone no matter what gift you’re wrapping with these handy tips. Inspired by the versatile Lenovo Ideapad Yoga.

1. When wrapping a small gift:

Read the tutorial here.

2. When wrapping a cylindrical gift:

Watch the full tutorial here.

3. When wrapping two gifts at once:

4. When wrapping a present in a pinch:

Find the full instructions here.

5. When wrapping a gift with an extra personal touch:

6. When wrapping an oversized gift:

Get directions here.

7. When wrapping a gift for the prankster in your life:

8. When wrapping a package that needs some extra pizzazz:

Read the instructions here.

9. When wrapping a gift with sustainability in mind:

Get the diy instructions here.

10. Inspired by the Lenovo Ideapad Yoga, useable in four awesome modes.

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