What Happens When Snowmobiles Attack

Things I learned watching the X Games: When you lose control of a snowmobile, it pretty much turns into a movie monster. Also, the X stands for XTREME.

1. At the X Games on Sunday, biker Jackson Strong was trying his hand at the Snowmobile Best Trick competition. It didn’t go well.

ID: 839840

2. After Strong and the snowmobile crashed into the ground separately from each other, the vehicle took off —

ID: 839868

3. — leaving Strong unhurt but a little, uh, helpless.

ID: 839885

4. Here’s another view of Strong’s crash. But where’d the snowmobile go?

ID: 839894

5. Ahh — oh man. Oh boy.

ID: 839908

6. The snowmobile crashes into the fence boundary, sending fans sprawling. One teenager was treated for injuries but later released; everyone else appears to have been a-OK.

(News about injuries via the Huffington Post.)

ID: 839964

7. Let’s check that out from another — AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

ID: 840026

8. Here’s a GIF of the whole gnarly experience. Happens to the best of us!

ID: 839948

9. And here’s the video.

ID: 839967

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