Two NFL Cheerleaders Shaved Their Heads To Support Cancer-Stricken Coach

After the Colts raised more than $22,000 toward leukemia research in support of coach Chuck Pagano, Megan M. and Crystal Anne committed in a very visible way.

1. This is Megan M. (left) and Crystal Anne (right). Both women are cheerleaders for the Indianapolis Colts, whose coach, Chuck Pagano, is battling leukemia.

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2. The Colts have made a huge priority of supporting Coach Pagano and, by extension, leukemia research.

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3. Earlier this season, players, including star rookie QB Andrew Luck, shaved their heads to show solidarity with their coach.

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4. And today, after the team raised more than $22,000 toward leukemia research, Megan and Crystal Anne took the same step.

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5. Both women had their heads shaved during the game and then went back to cheering afterward.

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9. Coach Pagano was at the game, and you could see how much the support seemed to mean to him. Here he mouths “thank you” to the crowd.

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11. Video of the event can be seen below.

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