Two Fans Wearing Green Bodysuits Got Eviscerated By Virgin-Shaming Announcers

Also, mocked for being snowglobe-collectors?

At Monday’s Sharks vs. Canucks NHL Playoffs game, hockey was being played, as per usual, when something else caught the announcers eye: two men in green suits. And let me tell you: the announcers eyes were CAUGHT.

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Per Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo’s Puck Daddy, the Green Men are regulars at Canucks games, and they spend most of their time tormenting opponents in the penalty box.

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The two commentators launched into detailed and fanciful dressings-down of these guys, starting with:

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The speculation didn’t end there. It got mean.

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And then it just got weird.

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Like… why snowglobes? What the hell even is a rainglobe?

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Heed this tale next time you think about putting on a green bodysuit.

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