Tim Tebow Got A Full Series Against The Titans, And He Was Awful

For some reason, the Jets decided to give Tebow his own drive in a game crucial to their playoff chances. He did not disappoint, if you’re a Titans fan.

With 8 minutes left in the first half of a crucial regular season game, the Jets decided to let Tim Tebow have a drive to himself. Tebow has barely played the last few weeks thanks to injuries.

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2. It actually started off OK: Tebow ran for a first down! Wheee!

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3. All right, Tim, let’s see what you can do.

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4. Not your best effort. Here, try and just run up the middle again, since that couldn’t possibly go wrong.

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5. Tebow didn’t manage to get the third-down snap off in time, so there was a delay of game penalty. As you can see, Rex Ryan was very pleased.

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6. 3rd and 16 — you’ve got this, Tebow. You’ve — ah, forget it.

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7. Here’s video of the whole sequence, if you’d like to live it in real time.

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