This Baseball GIF Will Obliterate Your Brain

Breaking down the true wizardry of pitchers.

Last week, this GIF made the rounds of Yu Darvish. It made your mind explode by showing how Darvish struck out a batter with five pitches, all thrown from the exact same release point.

Via Twitter: @DShep25

ID: 1129627

Today, Major League Baseball posted a similar video of a Justin Verlander strikeout with all the pitches overlaid in the same way, and it’s even crazier.

ID: 1129441

Verlander only requires four pitches vs. Darvish’s five…

ID: 1129463

And, when you screenshot the moment of release, you see that Verlander’s is flawlessly consistent. There’s no way for the batter to tell what pitch he’s throwing.

ID: 1129479

Same moment of release, and yet, very different arrivals at the plate. Good luck to anyone trying to hit one of those.

ID: 1129488

Here’s the full video.

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ID: 1129866

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