There Was A Lot Of Kissing In The Raptors-Magic Game

Not just one, but TWO instances of kissing between players and coaches took place during a Thursday night NBA game.

1. Thursday night, the Orlando Magic hosted the Toronto Raptors in an attempt to snap out of a bad losing slump. Toward the end of the first quarter, Glen Davis took a hard foul from Aaron Gray, and he wasn’t happy.

ID: 835239

2. How unhappy was he? Unhappy enough to get right up in Gray’s grill, earning himself a technical. But how close did he get?

ID: 835259

3. Oh, he got close. Very close. Mistletoe close. In fact, this GIF really makes it look like he basically just went at Gray’s face with his lips.

ID: 835268

4. Andddd…yeah, that’s pretty much what happened. SEXY.

This screencap courtesy of Ball Don’t Lie’s Dan Devine.

ID: 835277

5. So yeah, Glen Davis is kind of a nutcase, but that wasn’t the only occasion of lips being laid. The game ended with this pristine DeMar DeRozan buzzer-beater:

ID: 835379

6. Toronto coach Dwayne Casey was so happy that he planted one right on the side of DeRozan’s head.

ID: 835324

7. The NBA: Where Kissing Happens.

ID: 835383

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