The Patriots’ Slot Receivers Have Something In Common

But I can’t figure out what.

Meet T.J. Moe. A wide receiver out of Missouri, Moe was picked up as an undrafted free agent by the New England Patriots.

Columbia Daily Tribune, Ryan Henriksen / AP

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Moe still has to make the final roster. But if he does, he’ll be joining Julian Edelman, pictured here (#11) doing something weird with his mouth…

Matt Dunham / AP

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…and Danny Amendola, who the Patriots signed to replace…

Matt Dunham / AP

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…Wes Welker, who walked to the Denver Broncos after six seasons with New England. Amendola, Edelman, and Moe all play the slot position for the Patriots.

Matt Slocum / AP

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Aside from that, and their diminutive heights — for football players, anyway — the four guys have something else in common.

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But I can’t quite pin down what it is.

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Oh, I remember now.

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They all love Subway sandwiches!***

ID: 1141985

***this is unverified

ID: 1141987

That’s right: literally the only trait that these guys share is their love of a cold cut and a good deal.

ID: 1142011

Just kidding: it’s actually that they’re white.

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P.S.: we’re not saying the Patriots are racist! They’re not! It’s just funny that they keep signing players for the same position who share the same anomalous characteristic. Like if they kept signing redheads.”

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