The Patriots Have Given Us Two Tremendous Celebration GIFs

Aaron Hernandez is running wild in the first half of Monday Night Football against the Houston Texans, and he’s celebrating accordingly.

Tonight’s Monday Night Football matchup between the Patriots and the Texans was supposed to be a battle of the AFC’s two best teams. Instead, through the first half it’s been a massacre. New England leads 21-0, and two of those touchdowns came via tight end Aaron Hernandez, whose importance has only risen in the wake of Rob Gronkowski’s injury.

Fittingly, Hernandez has celebrated both scores in stellar fashion. After the first, which came on a 7-yard reception out of the backfield — it also followed a New England fumble that Hernandez recovered — Hernandez did rapper Lil B’s signature cooking dance, then made it rain.

3. Lil B even went ahead and verified the cooking dance’s authenticity.

4. After the next score, which came on an uncovered 4-yard reception, Hernandez played a little dice, then made it rain with his gambling revenue.

Two great celebrations, one common theme: making it rain.

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