The Nation’s Goofiest Pep Band Is Absurdist, Hilarious

Sure, Harvard’s kids were something. But Iowa State’s band, and their ridiculous chants, are next-level goofy.

1. This is Iowa State’s pep band, performing during the NCAA tournament. Like any good pep band, they don’t just play instruments — they also harass the opposing team.

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2. And during Iowa State’s second-round tournament game against Ohio State, the band has been unleashing some primo chants during Ohio State free throws. See if you can figure out what they’re saying here.

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The answer?

First free throw: “You’re shooting a greasy bowling ball.”

Second free throw: either “Quiet he’s shooting a free throw” or “Why are you shooting a free throw?”

USA Today’s Mike Lopresti has a few more, including my personal favorite, “There is no hoop.”

Interestingly enough, opinions on Twitter are very mixed.

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4. Some people are ready to freak out:

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9. While others are feeling it:

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13. This guy, though: he gets it. This is the prototypical March Madness tweet.

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