The Green Bay Packers Got Robbed By The Real Refs, Too

Jeff Triplette and his crew blew a call that almost cost the Packers the game, only a week after the replacement officials did cost them a game.

Let’s set the scene: Green Bay leads the Saints 28-27 after Aaron Rodgers’ 4th TD of the day, scored with 7:05 remaining in the game. Green Bay kicks off to New Orleans’ Darren Sproles.

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Sproles gets nailed, fumbling the ball away. But ref Jeff Triplette and his crew ruled that he was down before losing the ball — though it wasn’t even close.

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Use our rubbable GIFs to see for yourself. Sproles was fully upright when he let go of the ball, and it appears that Green Bay recovers, though there was a vicious scrum after the fumble.

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Mike McCarthy was not happy. But because he’d used his two challenges earlier, Green Bay couldn’t challenge the call, and New Orleans maintained possession.

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New Orleans then drove down the field for a 43-yard field goal. HOWEVER, a Saints holding penalty meant that he had to re-kick, and kicker Garrett Hartley pushed the ensuing 48-yarder wide with just under three minutes remaining. Considering how well Aaron Rodgers played the rest of the day, there’s a good chance that the Packers would’ve been able to put together a comeback drive to win. But they didn’t have to. And we all learned an important lesson: the real refs handle the games faster, more smoothly, and more consistently than the replacement refs did, but they’re still far from perfect.

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Here’s video of Sproles’ fumble. The New Orleans Saints are now 0-4.

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