The 25 Best Moments Of The U.S. Men Celebrating Basketball Gold

LeBron danced, James Harden stole the mascot, and even Coach K got excited.

1. Of course, the celebration starts with a group hug.

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2. Pau Gasol single-handedly kept Spain in the game in the third quarter. Coach K and Gasol share a touching moment.

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3. And then Kobe and the rest of Pau’s NBA counterparts come over.

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4. How many other players will Kobe’s hug last? This is two…

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5. …and three.

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6. For all the flak Kobe gets over his relationship with his teammates, he and Pau at least appear to have a huge amount of mutual admiration.

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7. The rest of the guys roll through.

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8. Until they make like a high-school team and start freaking out.

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9. #LeBronswag

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10. They even made a (mascot) friend!

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11. The world needs more videos of LeBron dancing.

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14. James Harden takes his new mascot buddy along to greet commentator Doug Collins, who’s also the coach of the Philadelphia 76ers.

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15. Seriously, if Hollywood doesn’t make a buddy comedy for Harden and his sidekick, I’ll lose all faith.

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16. He may be a rival coach, but you can see the respect that Kobe and Tyson Chandler have for him.

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17. Meanwhile… LeBron, what are you doing with those water bottles? LeBron?

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18. Coach K, watch out. WATCH OUT.

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19. It’s not Gatorade, but it’ll have to do.

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20. Awwww.

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21. Then the flags come out. Getting to stunt in the flag of your country has got to be one of the best things about winning an Olympic medal.

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24. At the medal ceremony, the guys locked arms and took the podium. Just awesome camaraderie.

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25. America, you guys.

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