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Professional Baseball Player Takes The Best Birthday Photo Ever

Oh, what’s that? You don’t wish you could take a photo with a WWE Championship Belt on your birthday? I’m sorry, you are lying.

1. This is Josh Reddick. Josh Reddick is an outfielder for the Oakland Athletics.

Christian Petersen / Getty Images

Check out that beard. That is a beard like Godzilla is a dinosaur.

2. Today happens to be Josh Reddick’s birthday, and also MLB picture day.

Happy Birthday @joshreddick16! You can have your pie and eat it too.— Oakland Athletics

3. So, Josh Reddick did what any normal person would do, if they could, on their birthday/picture day: he posed with the WWE Championship Belt.

Christian Petersen / Getty Images

4. I don’t know where he got it. The world may never know where he got it. But I don’t care. The important thing is that he has it, and he’s never giving it up. Like a champion.

Photo by Christian Petersen / Getty Images


6. Hey champ. I don’t know what you’re the champion of, but whatever. Keep doing what you’re doing.

7. Seriously, though: what are you the champion of, Josh?

Photo by Christian Petersen / Getty Images

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