Meet Manti Te’o’s (Allegedly) REAL Girlfriend

TMZ is reporting that Manti Te’o dated a student at St. Mary’s College named Alexandra del Pilar after the “death” of his hoax girlfriend, Lennay Kekua. Her Twitter has proof that they at least knew each other.

According to TMZ, Manti Te’o dated a student at St. Mary’s College (a private women’s college located across the street from Notre Dame’s campus) named Alexandra del Pilar following the “death” of Lennay Kekua, who Deadspin revealed to be a hoax. TMZ says that the two dated for two months and broke up recently. (That timeline is what would make this relationship unusual — it would’ve had to have begun during the time that, according to Te’o, he still believed the love of his life to have very recently died of leukemia.) Though there’s no online proof that they were, in fact, dating, a Twitter account under the name Alex del Pilar, featuring a photo of a woman who appears to be the same as the one in the TMZ report, does furnish proof that they at least knew each other.

Thank you @MTeo_5 for my car smelling so good :)— Alex del Pilar

Just making sure Manti gets home for the game tomorrow 👌@chasehounshell— Alex del Pilar

4. She also retweeted this Te’o tweet —

Always and forever— Manti Te’o

5. — and mentioned him in this tweet.

A month ago my Grandpa wrote this about @Mteo_5! Who would have known.. 😊— Alex del Pilar

6. Attached to this photo, which looks to be a letter to the editor of some newspaper.

It appears to be from the South Bend Tribune.

7. The only thing she’s tweeted since the Te’o news broke was this, yesterday.

Let people be people, and God be God.

— ADP_3 (@Alex del Pilar)

Let people be people, and God be God.— Alex del Pilar

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