Make-A-Wish Kids Beat An MLS Team In The Most Heartwarming Soccer Game Ever

Ahhhhhhhhh my soullllllllll

The Portland Timbers MLS team faced their stiffest competition of the season recently: the Green Machine soccer team, starring Atticus Lane-Dupre, an eight-year-old cancer patient.

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According to Deadspin, a remarkable 3,000 fans turned out to see the game, which was arranged by Make-A-Wish.

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It started off cordially with some handshakes, but you could tell the Timbers were nervous.

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And the Green Machine, led by Atticus, started off strong early.

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But the Timbers rallied, and for a while, it looked like the momentum could turn…

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Until a key ejection swung momentum back in the direction of the Green Machine.

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Atticus sealed the deal with one key goal —

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— and then another, this one giving the Green Machine a 10-9 win.

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Now, this kid right here — this kid is a real hero. And one hell of a striker.

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Raise that championship log. You’ve earned it, in more ways than one.

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Watch the whole video here, courtesy of the Timbers.

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H/T to Tim Burke at Deadspin

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