Lil Wayne Maybe Got Ejected From A Heat Game For Suggesting He Had A Gun

Also, his facial expression as he got kicked out is super incredulous. Very incredulous indeed.

1. On Sunday, Lil Wayne went to the Lakers-Heat game. He got kicked out because he was cheering for the Lakers, he says. Then he tweeted about it.

2. What really makes the story, though, is this Instagram photo, posted by user dreamteammiami. LIL WAYNE IS VERY INCREDULOUS ABOUT YOUR ADMINISTRATIVE DECISION.

Via dreamteammiami

3. HOWEVER, someone sitting near Wayne at the game had a different version of events, in which the rapper suggested he had a gun? Or that he’d shoot another fan? Or have him shot?

Which runs in stark contrast to recent comments Wayne made, in which he called a gun arrest in 2010 one of the biggest regrets of his life, a realization he came to because of the Sandy Hook shooting.

But then the plot thickens AGAIN. (The plot is now thicker than cough syrup.)

Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

This picture isn’t from the game, by the way — so far as we know, Tom Arnold was not present for the incident in question. Via Adi Joseph at USA Today Sports.

7. Lil Wayne: the most confusing public figure we have left.

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