LeBron James Finished A Rare And Beautiful Double Alley-Oop


1. The Miami Heat are colloquially known as the “Flying Death Machine.” If you’re wondering why, look no further than the GIF below.

ID: 736917

Ray Allen hurls the ball from near half court to the leaping Dwyane Wade, who’s too far from the hoop to do much on his own. Instead, D-Wade tosses the ball in front of the rim — as he’s traveling past it, mind you; that’s no small feat on its own — and LeBron’s perfectly set up to finish the double alley-oop. A play like this requires timing, control, and freakish athleticism; fortunately, those are things the Heat have in surplus.

ID: 736927

3. Here’s video of the play. The Heat, #2 in the East, are tied with the #1 Knicks 53-53 at halftime.

ID: 736923

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