Jose Canseco’s Ex-Girlfriend Is Laying Into Him On Twitter

The hits keep coming.

As recently as March 21, Leila Shennib was tweeting her support for boyfriend Jose Canseco, or, as BuzzFeed readers might know him better, @JoseCanseco.

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But oh how times have changed. Leila revealed earlier that she’s no longer with Jose, and she’s been on a roll the last few days. Let’s try and understand this twisted saga as it happened.

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5. The first signs of trouble in paradise come on April 17, when Leila responds to a fan sending her Jose’s weird conversation with a girl over DM.

We wrote more about this here.

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6. Two hours later, she doesn’t deny that she’s dating Jose, but she also comes down on him pretty hard.

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7. That’s a passive-aggressive retweet!

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9. So, guess today’s going to be realllll chillllllll brooooo in the world of @ModelLeila, right? HA NO.

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10. Lock and load, boys and girls — shots are getting fired.

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11. A month ago is, in fact, around when she made her last positive tweets about Jose.

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13. Oh, word?

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14. Let’s parse this one a bit. 1. Leila says Jose’s broke. 2. She says he needs therapy. 3. She says he’s stalking her. Well!

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15. lol

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16. Nothing like calling another human being “dead weight.”

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18. Glad we went there. You don know you don’t have to retweet these people, right?

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19. “Jose’s crippled from years of ravaging his mind and body with drugs. lol.”

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20. Retweets on retweets on retweets.

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21. Is she accusing him of still using steroids? She would know, right?

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23. “The negative millions” is not very many dollars.

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24. DO YOUR RESEARCH. There must be an accredited university in your state that offers “Jose Canseco Studies” in this day and age.

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25. GO READ A BOOK. Burn.

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All right, let’s go over what the accusations made on Twitter today by Leila Shennib:

1. Jose Canseco is millions of dollars in debt.
2. He’s mentally under duress and a danger to himself and others.
3. He’s stalking his ex-girlfriend.
4. He’s possibly still using steroids.

It’s a contemporary American love story.

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