College Baseball Coach Drives Self To Hospital After Heart Attack, Shouts Out Chuck Norris

Pete Hughes making a strong play for legend status.

Michael Shroyer / AP
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2. If this is true — and why wouldn’t it be? — then gotDAMN, Pete Hughes:

Pete Hughes


Had a heart attack 2nights ago.Drove myself to the hospital. Good thing I had my What Would Chuck Norris Do bracelet on!#blessed #hokietuff

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Just imagine being one of Hughes’ baseball players at Virginia Tech.

“Coach, my throat hurts today. And I have an econ exam tomorrow. And my girlfriend just called me. Can I leave practice early?”

“I had a heart attack and drove myself to the hospital.”

“I’ll grab my glove.”

Even Chuck Norris appreciates the shoutout.

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Be well, Coach Hughes.

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