Chris Kluwe Defended Gay Marriage And World Of Warcraft On The Colbert Report

The NFL’s most outspoken punter…uh…speaks out.

1. Now that the Minnesota Vikings are out of the NFL playoffs, punter Chris Kluwe has plenty of time to do the other thing he’s best at: talking. Tuesday, he appeared on the Colbert Report.

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2. First, Kluwe explained what it is, exactly, he does as an NFL punter.

4. Of course, he eventually broached the subject he might be best known for: his outspoken advocacy for LGBT rights and marriage equality.

(He also wore sandals. And a beanie. On national TV.)

The best moment of the interview came when Colbert joined two separate strains of thought: gun control and gay rights.

6. Colbert jokingly asks if gay people should be allowed to own guns. Kluwe says as a rejoinder, well, if people in pride parades were carrying AR-15s —

7. Colbert’s response: “I wouldn’t throw rocks at a pride parade! I’d throw glitter!”

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