22 Photos Of Athletes With Adorable Animals

Alliteration! Also LOOK PANDA BEARS

1. “Hey uh look what I found (grumble grumble)”

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2. Lifelong Penguin Mario Lemieux always wondered when he’d get to meet his bosses

ID: 220620

3. Athletes Advocating For Adorable Animals

ID: 220509

5. “What do you MEAN there aren’t any skates in my size?” “Sorry, dog.”

This is Patrick Eaves, by the way.

ID: 220703

6. “Nice teeth, Beluga whale,” said the Atlanta Falcons.

ID: 220534

7. Brandi Chastain likes 1. dogs 2. being awesome

ID: 220802

8. David Ortiz gets very emotional around dogs

ID: 220579

9. Shaqraffe

ID: 220554

10. Does Pikachu count as an animal? Does the Phillie Phanatic count as an athlete? Sure!

ID: 220583

11. Cheetahs are liable to false-start.

ID: 220775

12. Apparently, when players sign with Benfica, they have to hold this eagle. Pablo Aimar’s like, “What up, eagle.”

ID: 220873

13. The Astros might be baseball’s worst team, BUT THEY HAVE A PET CALENDAR

ID: 220593

14. “My name is Evgeni Malkin, and I prefer being big spoon. Especially with lions.

ID: 220688

15. Back when athletes’ salaries were lower, Catfish Hunter used to freelance as a ringleader at Barnum and Bailey’s circus.*

*not true

ID: 220727

16. Jake the Snake: often seen with snakes!

ID: 220751

17. Chillin with Venus / chillin with Venus / When I say I’m chillin with Venus / I’m really chillin with Venus

ID: 220824

18. Gianluca Zambrotta recruiting the newest Italian national team player

ID: 220840

19. Cannavaro does the same

ID: 220850

20. New York Islanders wives and girlfriends at the 2010 DOGCATEMY CELEBRITY GALA

ID: 220633

21. Delonte West dragged Lamar Odom to the zoo.

ID: 220963


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