After Butt Fumble, The Jets Are Officially The Worst Football Team

Let me show you why with a few horrifying, hilarious GIFs.

1. EXHIBIT A: In their Thanksgiving night game against the Patriots, the Jets trail 14-0. Then Mark Sanchez runs into Brandon Moore’s ass, fumbles, and the Pats take it for a score.

ID: 709802

2. Your eyes did not deceive you: he fumbles because he runs into his teammate’s butt.

ID: 709807

3. Look into Mark Sanchez’s eyes and see pure, weapons-grade existential angst.

ID: 709803

4. EXHIBIT B: On the ensuing kickoff, Joe McKnight gets nailed. He fumbles. Julian Edelman catches it in midair. Touchdown. Pats lead 28-0.

ID: 709808

5. Pity poor Rex Ryan. Also, if you know of any job openings, please shoot him an email.

ID: 709809

6. Here’s video of the whole dilapidated mess. By the time you’re reading this, the Patriots probably lead by 300. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

ID: 709806

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