13 Manti Te’o Tweets That Are Hilarious Knowing His Girlfriend Is Fake

Going back through Te’o’s timeline is quite the experience.

1. Ah, the talk is quite complicated nowadays, isn’t it…

2. Your Twitter is not the only thing that needs to be verified!

3. You should’ve watched “Catfish.”

4. Can, can’t. Exist, don’t exist.

5. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool myself once, uh…

6. There are a lot of private investigators saying exactly that right now.

Leave no stone left unturned!

— MTeo_5 (@Manti Te'o)

7. -_-

Don't let your dreams stay dreams! Make them a reality!

— MTeo_5 (@Manti Te'o)

8. Does this count as a storm?

What makes you a man is what you do when that storm comes! http://t.co/CpimBk7n

— MTeo_5 (@Manti Te'o)

9. Whose dreams are becoming whose worst nightmare?

My dreams are becoming your worst nightmare!!! #sorryboutit

— MTeo_5 (@Manti Te'o)

10. This is not something one would anticipate having to regret, admittedly.

I have no regrets and will have no regrets because I gave it my all!! #5 http://t.co/kCw7CED1

— MTeo_5 (@Manti Te'o)

11. He’s quoting “White Chicks” here. Ignoring the fake girlfriend for a second, that’s not OK.

Fifty thousand dollars...CASH!!! #whitechicks

— MTeo_5 (@Manti Te'o)

12. “Why would I have to prove, to myself or others, that my girlfriend exists!”

Why do people feel that they always have to prove something? Do you KNOW who u are? Good! Do you KNOW what u can do? Thats all that matters.

— MTeo_5 (@Manti Te'o)

13. Ah.

Real eyes, realize, real lies!

— MTeo_5 (@Manti Te'o)

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