This Guy Has A Tattoo Of Mr. Feeny From “Boy Meets World” And It’s Amazing

“I wanted to get one that would always make me smile when I would look at it and that’s exactly what I got.”

1. This is Adam Patrick, a 27-year-old Rochester resident and major fan of Boy Meets World.

Courtesy of Adam Patrick

“A new Boy Meets World on TGIF was something I always looked forward to growing up,” Patrick told BuzzFeed. “A few years ago, I started watching the show again and I can now proudly say I own every season on DVD.”

He’s even been paying attention to what’s going on in the first season of Girl Meets World. “That Mr. Feeny cameo at the end of the first episode made it a show worth watching,” he said.

2. Patrick loves the show so much that last summer, he got a tattoo of Mr. Feeny’s face at Halo Tattoo in Syracuse, New York.

Courtesy of Adam Patrick

“I have a bunch of tattoos that all have a meaning to myself and I felt it was time to get a fun tattoo,” Patrick told BuzzFeed. “The Mr. Feeny tattoo does have meaning as well, but I wanted to get one that would always make me smile when I would look at it and that’s exactly what I got. The fact that my wife thought it was just as amazing of an idea as I did was just icing on the cake.”

3. His favorite Mr. Feeny lesson is in season 4 when Topanga runs away from home to be with Cory.

Courtesy of Adam Patrick

“Mr. Feeny sits them both down and tells them that he also was once in love,” Patrick continued to explain. “He tells them, ‘I believe that when you find love you hold onto it and cherish it because there is nothing finer and it may never come again. And that, my dears, is the most important thing I could teach you.’”

4. Well done, Mr. Patrick.

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