22 Signs You’re The Monica Geller Of Your Friend Group


1. Everyone congregates at your home as the central gathering place to be together.

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2. Because you’re *always* the host(ess).

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3. They feel so comfortable at your place that they even show up when you’re not home.

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4. You’re the glue that holds everyone together.

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5. In fact, you’re the reason most of your friends even know each other in the first place.

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6. You have a pretty great sense of humor.

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7. And you’re not too shy to speak your mind.

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8. Some people might think you’re stubborn, but you know you’re actually just really determined.

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9. You like to be in control and don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

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10. At some point, you’ve dated or hooked up with someone else in your friend group.

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11. And even kept it a secret for a while.

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12. Cleaning up and getting organized is fun.

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13. Competition isn’t a bad thing — it’s a fun game that you never lose.

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14. You have realistic — but meaningful — ideas about love and life.

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15. But can also be kind of a romantic.

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16. You’re passionate about your job.

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17. And are really good at taking charge and managing others.

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18. Which makes sense, since you definitely don’t like being told what to do.

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19. You love planning parties and group activities.

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20. Because there’s nothing better than spending time with your friends, who are really like your family.

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21. You constantly look out for them and always have their backs.

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22. Since you know love and support are they key ingredients to forever friendships.

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