10 DIY Ways To Put A Bow On It

Who says adults can’t rock a good bow every now and then?NOBODY WE WANT TO KNOW.

1. Felt Hair Bow

Bows = love. Fact. Directions here.

ID: 1419000

2. Crochet Bowtie Necklace

This would make a quick and easy gift (for yourself or some other deserving individual). Find out how to make it here.

ID: 1417198

3. Knitted Headband

Perfect for days when all you want is to knit a while bunch of i-cord.

ID: 1417208

4. Giant Party Bow

You wallflower, you. Directions here.

ID: 1417220

5. Bow Shoe Clips

Find out how to make these simple clips here.

ID: 1417232

6. Electron Bow

Pay homage to Gaga.

ID: 1417360

7. Polka Dot Bow Ring

Take inspiration from this Etsy seller.

ID: 1417245

8. Leather Bow Cuff

Get the directions here.

ID: 1417350

9. Glitter Bow Garland

Pasta + glitter = ~decadence~.

ID: 1417373

10. Ear Warmer Bow

Find out how to make it here.

ID: 1417366

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