Trash Into Treasure: 10 Rad Upcycling Projects

Celebrate Earth Day by digging through your cast-offs and would-be throwaways and turning them into new pieces of awesomeness!

1. Tape measure to belt

Sheri / Via

Ok, so maybe you don’t want everyone to know exactly how many inches your waist is….

ID: 2800219

2. Necktie to sunglass case

Trends with Benefits / Via

How many ties do you really need anyway?

ID: 2800224

3. Fabric and hangers to bracelets

Creme de la Craft / Via

Put those unused flimsy dry cleaning hangers to good use with 10 minutes and a few left over fabric scraps.

ID: 2800227

4. Cutting board and pencils into dish rack

Project RE- / Via

An old cutting board and pencils can easily become a really awesome dish rack! Who knew?!

ID: 2800267

5. Shower curtain to puffy skirt

Chic Steals / Via

Stiff shower curtains apparently make really rad puffy skirts too!

ID: 2800272

6. Book to clutch

Mother Nature Network / Via

We DO NOT advocate defacing perfectly readable books, but we do like the idea of showing off our literary prowess through our accessories.

ID: 2800274

7. Buttons and earrings to cocktail rings

Caitlin / Via

Nothing is worse than losing just one earring or button, but you can easily turn the stragglers into some eye-catching cocktail rings.

ID: 2800280

8. Men’s shirt to summer top

Extra Petite / Via

Just a few steps to turn a sloppy, oversized shirt into a sleek summer staple!

ID: 2800308

9. Old tees to braided basket

What to do with all of those beat up old tee shirts?! Rip them apart, turn them into yarn and braid them into a much needed storage basket!

ID: 2800358

10. Bootcut to riding trousers

One Little Minute Blog / Via

Not for the novice DIY’er - this one requires some serious patience and sewing skills but there’s nothing quite as satisfying as bringing a pair of pants from 2006 to 2014!

ID: 2800361

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