10 Easy DIYs For An End-Of-Summer Road Trip

The end is near. Grab your friends, pack up the car, and take one last summer road trip.

1. Stay Comfy

Jolies Bobines / Via kollabora.com

No need for complicated road trip ensembles. An easy, pullover tee and cozy shorts or pants are the only style staples necessary!

2. Nap Right

Handmade Charlotte / Via handmadecharlotte.com

A cramped neck can ruin just about any good time. An adorable embroidered travel pillow saves both your neck and your road trip sanity.

3. Keep Warm

Tell Love and Chocolate / Via tellloveandchocolate.blogspot.com

AC on? AC off? Windows up? Windows down? You’re totally prepared for any car temp situation with a stitched tassel blanket!

4. Stay Organized

Create/Enjoy / Via kollabora.com

Save yourself the “Wait…have I worn that already…?” by making designated wash/wear bags for your travel garments.

5. Pack Light

Dandelion Drift / Via kollabora.com

Less stuff = more fun! Why worry about packing a bunch of things you’re probably not going to wear or use? Stick with the basics, and pack ‘em up in a cool, vintage-inspired rucksack!

6. Bring a Project

TheInspiredWren / Via kollabora.com

Yes, there will be sights to be seen and songs to sing along to, but in the meantime why not get some work done?

7. Just in Case…

Design Sponge / Via designsponge.com

Mmmmm, truck stop dining! Class up the affair just a little bit with an all-in-one picnic pack!

8. No-Poo

A Beautiful Mess / Via abeautifulmess.com

Ain’t nobody got time for washing and drying their hair! A shaker of DIY hair powder will keep your locks looking so fresh and so clean — even if you’re feeling less than so…

9. Stay Shady

See Kate Sew / Via kollabora.com

Keep your shades close at hand with a leather no-sew sunglass pouch.

10. The Lifesaver

My 3 Monsters / Via my3monsters.com

Between gas fill-ups and Google mapping your next destination, your wallet and phone are gonna be your road trip BFF. A bright wallet helps keep you organized and on track!

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