10 Easy DIYs For An End-Of-Summer Road Trip

The end is near. Grab your friends, pack up the car, and take one last summer road trip.

1. Stay Comfy

Jolies Bobines / Via

No need for complicated road trip ensembles. An easy, pullover tee and cozy shorts or pants are the only style staples necessary!

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2. Nap Right

Handmade Charlotte / Via

A cramped neck can ruin just about any good time. An adorable embroidered travel pillow saves both your neck and your road trip sanity.

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3. Keep Warm

Tell Love and Chocolate / Via

AC on? AC off? Windows up? Windows down? You’re totally prepared for any car temp situation with a stitched tassel blanket!

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4. Stay Organized

Create/Enjoy / Via

Save yourself the “Wait…have I worn that already…?” by making designated wash/wear bags for your travel garments.

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5. Pack Light

Dandelion Drift / Via

Less stuff = more fun! Why worry about packing a bunch of things you’re probably not going to wear or use? Stick with the basics, and pack ‘em up in a cool, vintage-inspired rucksack!

ID: 3594120

6. Bring a Project

TheInspiredWren / Via

Yes, there will be sights to be seen and songs to sing along to, but in the meantime why not get some work done?

ID: 3594122

7. Just in Case…

Design Sponge / Via

Mmmmm, truck stop dining! Class up the affair just a little bit with an all-in-one picnic pack!

ID: 3594124

8. No-Poo

A Beautiful Mess / Via

Ain’t nobody got time for washing and drying their hair! A shaker of DIY hair powder will keep your locks looking so fresh and so clean — even if you’re feeling less than so…

ID: 3594131

9. Stay Shady

See Kate Sew / Via

Keep your shades close at hand with a leather no-sew sunglass pouch.

ID: 3594135

10. The Lifesaver

My 3 Monsters / Via

Between gas fill-ups and Google mapping your next destination, your wallet and phone are gonna be your road trip BFF. A bright wallet helps keep you organized and on track!

ID: 3594139

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