10 Jewelry DIYs That Have A Way With Words

Whether you want the world to know your name or your current emotional state, spell it out with a rad word jewelry project.

1. OMG Necklace

Or perhaps “WTF” better captures your essence.

ID: 1385213

2. Credit Card Necklace

You’re going to be cutting that cancelled credit card up anyway, so turn it into a nameplate necklace.

ID: 1384545

3. Very Cool Necklace

Understated. Get the DIY here.

ID: 1384787

4. Can Do Bracelet

But wearing your incessant love for Hall & Oates is definitely something you can and should go for.

ID: 1385071

5. BFF Necklace

Way less messy than pricking your fingers and becoming blood sisters. Get the DIY here.

ID: 1385077

6. Name Necklace

Shrinky dinks REPREZENT. Get the DIY here.

ID: 1385082

7. Love Ring

ID: 1385099

Your snookums’ ring finger is feeling totally naked without this adorable ring.

ID: 1397144

8. Scrabble Tile Letter Ring

ID: 1385110

9. Letter Safetypins

Junior high may have been the last time you wore safety pin jewelry, and that’s the charm of it. Get the DIY here.

ID: 1385120

10. Hey Necklace

Just a casual and flippant “Hey.”

ID: 1385123

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