10 DIY Ways To Bring A Little Green Into Your Space

Spring up your decor with these incredibly easy planter projects!

1. Dinosaur Planters

Something Monumental / Via somethingmonumental.com

How could plastic dinosaur toys turned into tiny plant holders NOT be awesome?!

2. Air Plant Pendants

Instructables / Via instructables.com

Never hurts to carry a little nature with you, especially when it’s in a beautiful wooden pendant.

3. Pipe Planters

Tan/Squirrelly Minds / Via kollabora.com

Who knew a little paint could make PVC pipe look so modern?

4. Magnetic Terrariums

Ruffled Blog / Via ruffledblog.com

Little magnet spice tins make the perfect bitty terrarium displays!

5. Living Wall Art

Jennifer / Via kollabora.com

Add absolutely stunning living wall art to your decor!

6. Can Planters

BlueBerry Ash / Via tanygina.wordpress.com

Create a simple, sleek plant nursery with some soup cans and branches.

7. Stenciled and Stitched Plant Holders

Stiches & Crafts / Via kollabora.com

Wool felt is a natural anti-microbial material that will keep extra “guests” from hanging out in your planters.

8. Air Plant Hanger

Monsters Circus / Via monsterscircus.com

No soil, no water - air plants are our kind of greenery!

9. Geometric Planter

Charlotte’s Fancy / Via charlottesfancy.com

A folded geo bowl and neon macrame - what better home could your plant ask for?!

10. Hanging Bud Vases

Hipaholic / Via kollabora.com

Add some life to your walls by hanging colorful buds with equally colorful yarn or twine.

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